Me, circa 2013

Hi. I'm Berk Özbalcı, a software engineer living in Ankara, Turkey.

  • I'm a final year CS student in Middle East Technical University.
  • I work part time at Udemy, helping over 30 million students and over 42,000 instructors have a smooth payments experience on our platform.
  • I sing the bass part in Jazzberry Tunes, an a cappella choir founded in 2014 by METU students.

This site is built using Gatsby. The title of this blog, unsystem, was taken from an example given by an instructor of mine in a Theoretical Linguistics course. There are conceivably two ways to break the word "unsystematic" into its morphemes:

unsystem + atic
un + systematic

The idea that there could be "systems" and "unsystems" in our world sounded really fun to me. That's how I decided to name my blog.